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Radu wrote:Like what ? I am curious.

the concept of frontiers, keeps and towers as DAOC frontiers.
if blizzard designs a new continent, they got the complete freedom to make anything on it, not much constraints.
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Actually remembering the gank fest that followed the introduction of the honour system imo the bg's were the right move. I don't want to live those days ever again. My guess is that even if they give outworld pvp encounters people will stick to the bg's as they are anti-zerg.

I appreciate 3 things about them:

-No zerging (no more 2000 alliance chasing 15 horde around TM)

-Clear objectives

-Unlike daoc, you get 'The Horde wins', in daoc there's nothing that gives you the feeling of victory, you can just bounce back and forth for hours.

What i don't like about them is:

-Queues, but not my concern (Horde queues are muhahahahaha)

-They can become repetitive after a while, especially since my server was playing AB for the last month or two, finally wsg opened again during the weekend.

As for the honor system i have mixed feelings about it, but i think for a person with my playtime and all it's much better that daoc's. After 2 and a half years of daoc i was r5l5 when i quit and i played in a solid group for one month or two (the rest were spent toa'ing). In wow after 1 and a half month of being pvp active i am a blood guard, playing only with pugs, which is like rr6 in daoc. Ofcourse in theory i could reach rr12 after several years in daoc while i can never get high warlord in wow, but reality is i would never make it there.

But tbh wow is primarily a pve game and the problem many people have with it is that they come from another game and they expect wow to be the improved version of the game they loved, which it isn't. It's just a different game.

Saying that i like pvp but the pve action has totally sucked me in wow, i thought pve was just a timesink in daoc until you got to rvr, in wow it feels like a complete experience of its own. I am really fascinated by most of the instances, i really give credit to people who thought of BRD fun, Zu'Gurub encounters, the Onyxia key quests, some amazing quest lines (missing diplomat, the scythe of elune, test of lore, saving the princess etc etc) and most of the cool smaller instances like Gnomeregan or Uldaman. I never thought pve could be so much fun.

ps. As for the leveling to 70 part i didn't like either but most people don't seem to mind so what can you do? It will be a pain for me though propably as i have 2 level 60's. I see myself abandoning the shaman and going with the priest.
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