WoW player harrasses woman in-game, gets beat up by woman's

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WoW player harrasses woman in-game, gets beat up by woman's

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World of Warcraft player from Mexico, reported to police on Saturday that three men broke into his home and beat his arms with clubs and totalled his computer. The reason? Carson had been repeatedly ganking the WoW character of the wife of one of his assailants.

Carson reportedly told police that he had been "making it hard for her to get far in the game." The woman had already threatened Carson online, and Carson said that he had already been constantly harassed in-game two weeks prior to the attack.

And then Carson made the mistake of giving the woman his address, telling the woman that "if her husband was man enough to just come meet me to settle this."

The result? Carson got two broken fingers and a fractured wrist during the assault. His computer and entertainment center were also totalled by his three attackers before they left. "I knew that I might be messed with in the game but I didn't really expect her husband to come looking for me," said Carson. "I couldn't have been more wrong."

Now let this be a lesson to everybody. Taunting people behind the relative safety of the Internet may be fun, but don't be stupid enough to give out your real home address. If you do, then it's a whole new ballgame.


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the man was an idiot

tho they could have got his addy easy enough i suppose but to give it?
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sounds like he got what he deserved
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seems his epeen got the better of his RL self....
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